Bent Butz® – Anodized – Port & Starboard Set


The unique patented design is multi-configurable to double the number of rods in the water and also increase the distant the lines are apart, resulting in fewer tangles, which means your bait spends more time in the water.

View Before and After Configuration Options Below!

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Designed to convert your single gunnel mounted rod holder into a double rod holder.  Bent Butz® can be used inshore, offshore, trolling or jig.  The lower, horizontal angle to the water keeps the rod tip lower to the water – perfect when chunking for Stripers in less then perfect conditions, as this lower angle will help keep your baits from bouncing on the bottom.   Bent Butz® can be configured side-out taking advantage of the natural rocking motion of the boat to jig for tuna, or as a center rigger.

  • Made from Schedule 40 Anodized Pipe for strength and durability.
  • Feature a locking pin to lock the Bent Butz® into your rod holder and lanyard eyes for your safety lines.
  • Better looking baits mean more fish – the possibilities are endless!

Before: Ordinary single gunnel mounted rod holders:

After Bent Butz®: Configured to the port and starboard sides (left) and as center rigger (right):

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 15 × 7 in